Employment research shows that many job seekers are very stressed, depressed and anxious after losing a job. Furthermore, when job candidates do not effectively deal with that trauma, it may sabotage both their interviewing efforts and ability to land and keep a job.

During the first step of the World2Work® program we will share a wide range of techniques to help you get your psychological house in order. In turn these will help you better perform during your job interviews.

Depending upon your level of funds, you can employ many types of exercises and expert advice. Whichever methods you choose, the most important thing is to learn to relax. For example, on the more expensive side, you can: 1) visit a psychologist, psychiatrist or career counselor to discuss internal emotional issues 2) get a massage or facial to help you relax or 3) learn some stress-reducing breathing exercises such as meditation or yoga. On the inexpensive side, you can: 1) do some deep breathing exercises or 2) visit a friend or religious leader to talk over problems related to being laid off or fired.

Whichever method you choose, relaxing will improve your interviewing performance. As a result, you will amplify your chances of landing and keeping your next job.

Our exclusive training helps you better sell yourself during the all-important job interviewing process. These added skills help separate you from the competition and increase your chances of landing that ‘ideal’ job.

I offer both private, individual coaching sessions as well as attendance in a one-hour virtual coaching and mentoring group virtual seminar at a low, low investment of $19.95.

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Scott Sargis