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Hi, I'm Scott Sargis

Executive Recruiter, Trainer and Job Coach in Chicago, IL

We're here to assist you with proven, time-tested interview training programs to aid in your job-hunting journey. These are combined with our personal support, career advice as well as additional helpful ideas. Our only goal is to assist you in quickly landing your next job.

Our Vision Statement

To combine my 30+ years of executive recruiting expertise with my passions for career coaching, training and film making to produce cutting edge interview preparation videos, seminars and coaching systems to streamline the job hunting process.

To catapult World2Work® into the recognized world leader for career coaching and interview preparation including making our 12-step program and Real Benefit Exercise™ standards for worldwide interviewing preparation and career guidance.

To provide a series of in-person and virtual group and career coaching sessions to emulate the success Weight Watchers (W.W.®) has had for weight loss guidance for career and interview instruction.

To provide a low-cost subscription service for our videos and program to help job seekers around the world be better prepared for interviewing and landing their next jobs.

To expand the World2Work® program into other media and avenues include a podcast series, radio talk show or even a television series to further expand our interviewing and career coaching benefits across the globe.

Our Mission Statement

To achieve the World2Work® vision I have set the following goals:

To provide job seekers with all the necessary tools and skills to enable them to both: 1) enter interviews with greater confidence and 2) increase their interviewing success.

To enable job seekers to leverage that interviewing confidence and prowess so they can succeed in attaining their ultimate goal of securing their ideal position.

To achieve this through either group sessions, on-line videos or one-on-one training and coaching.

To standardize the World2Work® program such that we can quickly and seamlessly train others in our method in order to quickly expand our successful program across the globe.

In short, the World2Work® program will help anyone in the world get back to work.

Each of our services can by itself help advance your career and improve your interviewing prowess. You will experience a synergistic effect when you combine them together and enhance your entire your job interviewing skill set.

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Our unique, 12-Step Interviewing Preparation Program guides you through the treacherous terrain of job seeking. Each of the easy to follow and implement steps focus on the most important part of landing a job - selling yourself during the interview process.


Video Training

The Real Benefit Exercise® interview preparation videos are time-tested. Each focuses on a sales approach to mastering your job interviewing skills. It was developed by studying the traits and techniques of successful sales professionals.

The Real Benefit Exercise

World2Work® offers you weekly in-person and virtual meetings featuring good professional practitioners who will bring their expertise to the table and help you ace your interviews. You will live and thrive in this group environment.

We Believe Our Program Is Better Than The Others.

Ours is a more personal touch than other programs. It includes group settings with fellow like-minded job seekers as well as interpersonal career coaching experts there for you in your moment of need. The benefit is clear – you will be self-motivated and inspired to achieve your employment goals.

"Few years ago Scott coached me in preparation for {an} interview. Since then I had nine interviews and every single one landed me a job offer. Not that I needed as many but having choices is always nice. Scott methods are very simple and effective. They work for both sides assuring perfect fit.


(After leaving a job at a failing company) “I got invitations to three interviews in the same week…{A} Few days after I had three job proposal contracts on my desk, all six figures. I would never expect that in this tough {job} market. The only reason why I write this to you is that your interview method worked perfectly for me yet again. Including…this makes it four interviews four hits."

Janusz Pankowski

Group Sessions

Each of our customize one-on-one interviewing training programs and videos focus on one of our 12-steps of interviewing. You will benefit by working in a community of ideas and shared mutual interest.


The future will bring you a daily-log tracking system based on a points structure. This will systematically help keep you on track while you work smarter during your job-hunting journey.

World2Work® will become the primary destination for most, if not all, of the services and information related to jobs, careers and labor issues in the future. To that end, we will forge alliances and provide the best interview preparation and job-hunting tools and assistance available to help you.

We are masters of the interviewing process. Come, Let us prove it to you. Explore the resources within these pages.

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