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Our training programs and personal support provide the best career advice to quickly land your next job.

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Chicago Crains asks Scott Sargis what are the trends in technology and engineering jobs.

Our Services

Our career coaching services will help you as a job seeker to advance your career and signficantly improve your job interviewing abilities. As a result, you vastly improve your jobs interviewing skills and in turn substantially increase your chances of landing your next job!

12 Steps

Our unique, 12-Step Interviewing Preparation Program guides you through the landmines of job seeking. Each of our career coaching steps is easy to follow and focuses on the most important part of landing a job, selling yourself during the interview process. This will improve your interviewing prowess during your interviews and in turn increase your chances of landing your jobs!

The Real Benefit Exercise®

The Real Benefit Exercise® interview preparation videos provide time-tested virtual career coaching for you. Each segment focuses on a sales approach to mastering your job interviewing skills. It was developed by studying the traits and techniques of successful sales professionals and applying those skills to improving your interview abilities to better land a job!


World2Work® provides you in-person and weekly virtual career coaching sessions featuring top professional career coaches who provide their time-tested career coaching expertise to help you ace your interviews and land your next job. You will live and thrive in this group environment.

Founder and Senior Career Coach

My complete career coaching staff, including myself personally, will comprehensively improve your job search efforts with our time tested career coaching methods that are laser focused on enhancing your interviewing abilities. Our time proven methodology and technologies are employed because interview proficiency is the most important part of securing a job! Moreover, our unique strategies are provided with a personal touch and career advice that is based upon over 30 years of successful recruiting experience. Our PRINCIPAL objective is to assist you to swiftly land your next great job!

Scott Sargis

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We’ve been featured on stations like WBBM, WGN, and WLS.

"Few years ago Scott coached me in preparation for an interview. Since then I had nine interviews and every single one landed me a job offer. Not that I needed as many but having choices is always nice. Scott's methods are very simple and effective. They work for both sides assuring perfect fit."

Janusz Pankowski
Director of Compliance, Desktop Metal
"In my years working with Scott Sargis and watching him interviewed in various media, I have found him to be smart and insightful in his understanding of why the jobs picture is always changing and where the opportunities are. Further, Scott knows what job-seekers need to do to make themselves stand out in a competitive jobs marketplace and close the deal with recruiters."
Bill Moller
Former host on WGN Radio and WGN TV

We Believe Our Program Is Better Than The Others.

Ours is a more personal touch than other programs. It includes group settings with fellow like-minded job seekers as well as interpersonal career coaching experts there for you in your moment of need. The benefit is clear – you will be self-motivated and inspired to achieve your employment goals.

Why World2Work

I have perfected the interviewing process.  Let me prove it to you. Explore the resources within these pages.


Each of our customize one-on-one interviewing training programs and videos focus on one of our 12-steps of interviewing. You will benefit by working in a community of ideas and shared mutual interest.


World2Work® will become the primary destination for most, if not all, of the services and information related to jobs, careers and labor issues in the future. To that end, we will forge alliances and provide the best interview preparation and job-hunting tools and assistance available to help you.


The future will bring you a daily-log tracking system based on a points structure. This will systematically help keep you on track while you work smarter during your job-hunting assistance available journey.

Contact Scott

Eager to get started immediately? Your initial 10-minute consultation is on me! Call me at 312.380.9688 or click below. Enhance Your Interviewing Prowess Now! Our programs and tools will help raise your interview sales skills to a higher level.